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Recent Inspection Visit from the Hampshire Education Services (November 22)

We hope you are well and had a good Christmas break.


We would like to share some of the great feedback from our most recent inspection visit. Below I have mentioned the key areas of improvement that have been made at the Academy. We are very happy and proud of the report as it is showing the rapid improvement in all aspects of the school.



“The interim headteacher has continued with the improvement agenda and wasted no time. He has transformed the learning environment and introduced routines and structures which have changed students’ behaviour for the better. This monitoring visit was to establish the progress the interim headteacher has made to remedy the decline the school had taken. Based on the evidence gathered during the day, the school still has much to do, but the trajectory of improvement is moving at a pace”


“The headteacher has developed a strong vision for moving the school forward. School improvement documentation is clear, with appropriate actions and milestones”.


“Leadership at all levels is improving with the addition of the new SENCo, who is also the Designated safeguarding Lead (DSL). The SENCo has wasted no time in securing systems, baseline assessments and continued professional development (CPD) related to special educational need (SEN). Staff speak highly of the impact of this work and how it has helped them. What has been achieved in a short amount of time is impressive”.


Quality of Provision

“The learning environment has been transformed in communal spaces throughout the school by using inspiring wall art, covering the entire wall with various educational topics”.


“All internal spaces have been painted and refreshed, the waiting room has new furniture and feels more welcoming and inviting. All the classrooms have been repainted and reconfigured with the interactive screen placed opposite the door, meaning students are not distracted by anything going on in the corridor”.


“Leaders have focused their attention on the quality of teaching and learning through meeting the needs of learners and the impact was evident during the learning walk. Lessons seen were a vast improvement then previously seen”. “Students spoke positively about lessons saying “teaching has improved and now you want to be in the classrooms” and followed up with “now teachers are better at meeting our needs”. Students also mentioned that teachers’ expectations in class had been raised saying “work has got harder across the school”.



“Behaviour seen during the visit was exemplary”


“Student’s spoke positively about the higher expectations and improvement that had been made”


“Students said that less students leave the school site during the day now and that “we get good conversations with teachers now”.


These are just some of the positive comments and acknowledgement from the report published by Hampshire Education Services. We are proud of the hard work and progress we are making. We will continue to plan and work hard to keep making significant improvements.